Instant Online Service

    Inside service coordination by online to handle total service.


    by Internet supports global Akira Seiki agents any time.


    Instant call or e-mail less than 24 hours resolving policy, response to keep 

    your machines running as usual. All the service issue will be replied    




Expert Service


Support At Your Service, Anytime, Anywhere.



Akira-Seiki, to be one of the main machine tools manufacturer of precision machine tools, we totally understand you need a trusted resource to answer service questions and supports , offer technical support and troubleshoot problems you may encounter. Our machine tool repair engineers are available and get ready to helps you anytime.




Certified Technicians

Spare Parts Availability


We prepare all the spare parts you might urgent need in stock.  The all Akira-Seiki dealers are required to storages a full line of service spare parts. We are not allow let your machines sit idle as you wait for a replacement spare part. 

Thus, our expert service engineers are ready for any urgent situation when received any service requests, and it is easily accessible through our support hotline: +886-4-2355-2495  Ext:541


Make unnecessary downtime a thing of the past with our 48-hours shipment guarantee and fast, friendly service.Honestly the whole machine is a huge disappointment for us.